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10 Most WTF Responses To ‘Why Don’t You Use Birth Control?’ From All Over The Internet

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Buzzfeed asked 24 women who don’t use birth control what their reasons are for not using it. I wanted to write something poignant about it, but their answers were so stupid I actually became dumber as I read them.

I hate the idea that young women are being convinced that taking control of your fertility and your options with pregnancy planning is tantamount to poisoning yourself and not taking responsibility for your actions. People are allowed to feel however they want to feel about a topic as important as sex – but I can’t help but think that these women have been brainwashed.

1. “Because it is all worth it.”

Wait, what’s worth it? The pregnancy scares? The avoiding sex completely? What is the “it” that we are speaking of?


2. “Because I’m responsible and make mindful decisions, accepting the consequences of my actions.”

A lot of people would agree that planning when you would and would not like to be pregnant by using birth control is making a mindful decision.


3. “Because fertility isn’t a condition that needs to be fixed.”

Are we all supposed to feel bad for all the babies we aren’t having every month? No thanks. It doesn’t need to be “fixed,” but it certainly needs to be managed.


4. “Sex = TOTAL gift of self.”

I’ve got nothing.

5. “Because I don’t have to give up my WOMANHOOD to be a feminist.”

Deciding when you will become pregnant does not equal giving up your womanhood.

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