40 Dirty Jokes You Never Noticed In Disney Movies

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Image: Disney

Disney movies are supposed to be the clean, family friendly options on our screens and at our movie theaters. Mostly, that is the case. However, in both vintage and newer movies, there are some startling moments of adult humor. Think of when Peter Pan spanks Tinkerbell and tells her she’s been “a very bad girl.” That’s some NSFW, Fifty Shades stuff. Also, there’s a very suggestive first meeting between Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible in which she tells him in a bedroom voice that he should be more “flexible.” Kids, in their sweet innocence, don’t pick up on these tidbits. Adults do and thank Disney for it.

Even Ralph Breaks the Internet has some naughty moments. Think of Vanellope meeting the Disney court of royals. One of the princesses admits to having “daddy issues,” and while it’s true there’s some adult themes there. After all, we grown ups were raised on a princess that lived alone with seven men, another that saw her fiance get killed but was okay with it since she was in love with a different man, and one that lived in a secluded tower until she married the first man she met. Keep scrolling to read more instances of adult humor in children’s movies.

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