This Maternity Photographer Arguably Got the Best Shot We’ve Seen in a Long Time

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By now we’ve all seen about a million photos of this week’s solar eclipse. Eclipse fatigue! But y’all gotta check out this mom-to-be’s maternity session that was shot during the eclipse. It’s unique, and damn if the photos aren’t amazing.

Nichole Carver, a 33-weeks-pregnant woman from Georgia, wanted to do something unique for her last maternity session. “This is our last planned pregnancy as we have experienced the joys of birthing two healthy children and the sadness of loss after delivering my second child,” Nichole said to Fox 5 News in Atlanta.

Carver also had the perfect person to help her pull off the shoot — her mother-in-law Lisa Cruikshank, who is a professional photographer. Cruikshank and Carver decided to have the maternity session at Carters Dam in Chatsworth, GA, where the eclipse would be at 99.1% totality.

With the moon traveling fast, Cruikshank only had a few minutes to capture the perfect shot.

And boy, did she thanks to the solar eclipse.

<— Click to see the stunning photo —>

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