Boys Need The Sex Talk Too

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For those parents brave enough to do the birds and the bees conversation with their kids, it seems like there is more an incentive when it comes to girls. Parents wringing their hands over unintended pregnancy, potential sexual assault, or their daughter perhaps finding herself ill-informed are rightfully worrisome possibilities. And so, faced with the chance of her following false information and winding up in some awful circumstances, many parents shelve their embarrassment and use words like “condoms,” “birth control,” and “pregnancy” with their daughters so that they can sleep a little better a night. But some findings by Guttmacher reveal that parents are much more likely to discuss these options with their daughters than their sons, leaving boys wide open for their own collection of sexual missteps.

Guttmacher also found that in addition to birth control options, parents were more likely to discuss “how to say no to sex” with their daughters. This type of instruction should be standard regardless of the gender of the child. After all, if girls are taught how to decline sexual offers, boys should be instructed how to properly interpret them as well as how to say no themselves. By teaching boys to pay attention to what a young lady says, as opposed to what she is wearing, how she behaves, or what her body languages suggests, we raise a more thoughtful, considerate generation of young respectful men.