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Audrey Roloff’s Fans Snap Off on Her Last Photo, Apparently They Are Tired of Seeing Her Baby Bump

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I love coming across baby bump pictures on social media. The moms are always excitedly smiling, and seeing those round bellies grow larger is so much fun. But apparently, there are some people who find baby bump pictures “distasteful,” as Audrey Roloff learned this week. The Little People, Big World star was slammed by commenters after posting a picture of her belly on Facebook.

Audrey, who is married to Jeremy Roloff, is 39-weeks pregnant and ready to pop. She’s frequently posted images of her growing belly on Instagram, but the latest snap she posted on Facebook pushed some fans over the edge.

Does it get any lower?!? ??? #almost39weeks

Posted by Audrey Roloff on Monday, August 21, 2017

“Does it get any lower?!?” the reality star joked about her baby bump.

Her belly might not get lower, but some of the commenters sure did.

Audrey Roloff Baby Bump

Maybe because she’s proud and excited?

Audrey Roloff Baby Bump

No one is forcing you to follow her on Facebook, Linda.

Audrey Roloff Baby Bump

Damn, Mary. You went there.

Audrey is clearly relishing her pregnancy, and at 39-weeks, she doesn’t have much of it left. What’s wrong with showing it off?

Audrey Roloff Baby Bump

Image: Instagram / @audreyroloff

Luckily, many of Audrey Roloff and Jeremy’s fans jumped to her defense.

“Then don’t look Mary. Not really any of your business, it’s her page,” wrote one fan.

“Hmm…I don’t know Pricilla, maybe they’re PROUD that they created A HUMAN,” commented another. “I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 3 years, you can bet my belly will be out for the world to see when I finally get there,” I hope you get to show off that belly soon, girl.

“No one is forcing you to follow her. It’s her first baby and she’s excited, has questions and is looking for advice. Don’t like it, then unfollow,” a voice of reason wrote.

Not even a mom yet and she’s already getting mommy shamed. Hopefully Audrey lets this roll off her back while she enjoys the last days of her pregnancy!

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(Image: Instagram / @audreyroloff)