The Truth About What Life Is Like Before And After Having A Baby

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Life before baby: You’ve got a beauty routine that requires an hour every morning and night and several hundred dollars.

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Your vanity looks like a Sephora counter. There are potions and lotions and serums and something covered in needles. You have so many face masks, you have a little filing cabinet to store them in. Sleep in your makeup? YOU WOULD NEVER. Your nighttime routine is 14 steps and takes at least 45 minutes, depending on the day of the week. And in the morning, you have time to wash and tone and primer and contour. You walk out of the house every morning looking fresh, with a glowing face and coordinated outfit. You care about your appearance, but not in a self-centered kind of way. You just realize that this is your face, the only one you get, so you take good care of it!

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