10 Toddler Milestones More Exciting Than First Words

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That first sweet little “mama” or “dada” will always make a parent’s heart jump for joy, but somehow, there are a lot of other even more important toddler milestones that don’t often get highlighted in the baby book. Sure, the first time your son or daughter asks for “cookie, pweez”, your heart will melt – but here are ten even more important things to look forward to after the shine of “cookie pweez, cookie pweez, COOKIE PWEEZ” has worn off.

1. When they start blowing their own noses

little kid sneezes out a booger(via)

I do not enjoy being used as a human Kleenex.

2. When they figure out how utensils work

baby spoon(via)

We are in the awkward zone right now where my 14-month-old daughter wants to eat with a spoon, but is not yet coordinate enough to wrangle food onto that spoon herself. Most meals take a lot longer now as I have to put food on the spoon for her before every bite, although sometimes she is content to just hold an ornamental spoon in one hand while feeding herself with the other.

3. When they stop taking their shoes and socks off in the car

toddler in car seat(via)

Oh, your feet are cold, honey? I wonder why.

4. When they’ve gotten all their molars in

crying toddler(via)

There is no more miserable creature than a toddler cutting two or three giant teeth at a time. Except maybe that toddler’s parents or babysitters.

5. When they allow you to eat food in their presence without having a meltdown

despicable me minion banana(via)

My kids love bananas, apples, and oranges, possibly more than they love me. My fruit consumption has dropped dramatically in the last several months because I can’t take a banana out of the fruit bowl without either having to share or triggering an epic shit-storm. Hopefully we reach this milestone before I develop scurvy.

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