16 Things Moms *Actually* Do When Their Baby Is Asleep

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One of the things that new moms hear all the time is “sleep when the baby sleeps”. Which sounds like great advice! In theory. We’re sure moms would love nothing more than to drop what they’re doing and hit the sack every time the baby falls asleep. But in all honesty, it’s just not very realistic! Babies sleep a lot in those first weeks, and require so much of your attention when they’re actually awake. So you’re getting nothing done when they’re awake, and then taking several naps throughout the day? Who has time for that?! Moms need to learn very quickly to be very good at multitasking and prioritizing. Which means making the most of their time when the baby is asleep. Sure, some days you can swing a nap during nap time. But most days, those precious few hours throughout the day are used for anything BUT sleep.

Maybe it’s been so long since you’ve showered that your hair is basically one solid chunk of dry shampoo. Perhaps your older kid had to bust out a Halloween costume to wear to school because laundry has piled up. Or maybe you haven’t had a solid meal in two weeks and the random snack here and there just isn’t cutting anymore. We know you’re tired, but we also know that stuff needs to get done! It’s hard to take care of yourself and maintain a household when you’ve only got one free hand and arm. So when the baby is asleep and you suddenly get both your arms back? It’s go time. The possibilities are endless! But you have to work fast: that baby will be up before you know it.

When the baby is asleep, moms grab that shower they’ve been dreaming about for days.

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When you have a baby, your list of priorities goes a little wonky. Who needs an actual shower when you have baby wipes and dry shampoo?! But a shower can be about more than getting clean. A nice hot shower can release tension in your body, invigorate your mind, and make you feel like a new person. Plus, you can express some milk in the shower and relieve the melon-boob situation you’ve got going on. And it is a scientific fact that NOTHING feels as good as washing your hair after 4+ days of dry shampoo. It’s practically orgasmic. So as soon as that baby’s eyes are shut and their breathing gets deep, get your butt in the shower. If you play your cards right, you might even have time to shave your legs!

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