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What Your Child Hears When You Say ‘No’

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shutterstock_245437432“No”. It’s is a tiny word with seemingly one definition, unless you’re saying it to a child. Children take poetic license with the word “no,” coming up with endless interpretations of those two little letters. You might think you’re being direct and firm in your parenting style by providing them with such a straightforward response but here’s what your child actually hears when you say “no”.

“Please do that again.”



Toddlers are like publicists in that they don’t believe in bad publicity. Once they’ve got your attention, they’re going to keep doing whatever caught your eye, kind of like how Justin Bieber refuses to wear a shirt.


maybe fallon


 At least you can be glad you’re raising an optimist.

“Ask me again and I’ll change my mind.”



Blame this persistence on all those Disney movies that teach kids to “follow your dream” and “go the distance”. Maybe you need to show them Frozen again so they can learn how to let it go.

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