The Truth About What Life Is Like Before And After Having A Baby

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Life after baby: What is this s-e-x you keep referring to? Is that a new meme?

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Now, look. If you had a vaginal delivery, sex will be the last thing on your mind for QUITE SOME TIME. Your nethers need some recovery time. C-section? SAME THING. Just because the baby came out a different way doesn’t mean it’s not a bloody mess down there. Your stitches are just positioned a bit higher up on your body. But even once you’ve healed physically, the mental and emotional toll can have a major effect on your sex life. Maybe you co-sleep because it’s the only way anyone gets any sleep at all. Maybe breastfeeding is draining all of your energy (and natural lubrication … sorry!). Or maybe you just have no desire whatsoever to be touched or touch another human being. All of those are valid reasons. It’ll get better. And right when it does, you’ll have little bedroom-door openers to contend with.

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