For a Brief Moment This Weekend, the World Thought Kylie Jenner Was in Labor, and Lost Its Collective Mind

This wasn’t exactly a slow news weekend, with all the shithole talk and what not, but for a brief moment in time, the focus wasn’t on the flaming garbage heap in Washington. On Friday, word started going around that Kylie Jenner was in labor. Not just pregnant, WHICH STILL HASN’T EVEN BEEN CONFIRMED, but in actual labor. And lord, people lost their minds. Just, complete pandemonium. Turns out, it was just that: a rumor. No truth, no new Kardashian/Jenner baby. But man, what a wild ride.

Kylie Jenner is supposedly pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby. We say supposedly, because although the rumors are persistent, they haven’t been confirmed by anyone in the Kardashian camp (i.e., Kris).

But that has not stopped the rumor mill from churning. OH NO. Just the opposite in fact! Before the labor rumor started, Wendy Williams took several swipes at Kylie on her show, and they were all centered on the baby rumors. The will-they-won’t-they speculation about Kylie’s pregnancy being confirmed on Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Sunday night is in full-swing. But it was the rumor that Kylie was in active labor on Friday that sent people into an absolute tizzy.

The rumor started as they all do: with a random screenshot of a text message from someone with insider knowledge.

Someone, we don’t know who, claimed that Kylie was giving birth at the hospital where they worked. Now, aside from that being a massive HIPAA violation, it was just taken as gospel, and people ran with it. Adding to the mystery text messages was a cryptic snap that Travis Scott posted the same day.

That snap was from December, though. People don’t have time to research before losing their minds, I get it! But those two pieces of “evidence” were enough to keep people glued to their socials for any update.

So, what we now know is that Kylie was not in labor this weekend. Or was she? I don’t even know anymore. I am oddly invested in this shadow pregnancy, and she’s not even my favorite Kardashian. I guess we’ll have to tune in to KUWTK tonight to find out. And we probably won’t. That kid’ll be in college before she ever cops to this, at this rate.

(Image: Facebook/Kylie Jenner)

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