Trump Refers to Countries like Haiti and African Nations as ‘Shitholes’, So Thanks Again to Everyone Who Voted for Him

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Well, this has been a WEEK. The news cycle moves so very quickly these days, it’s hard to maintain an appropriate level of outrage over the disaster in the White House. But yesterday, the orange shitgibbon stepped in it SO BADLY that the stink will follow him straight to hell. During a bipartisan meeting on immigration in the Oval Office, the lump of half-baked clay 60 million people voted for referred to some countries being discussed as “shitholes”. The remarks sent shock waves through the 4 people left in the country who didn’t realize Donald Trump is a fucking racist.

During a meeting in the Oval Office, surrounded by several other people, Donald Trump proved ONCE AGAIN that he is racist.

The remarks came after a conversation about protecting immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations. The bipartisan immigration deal has been a hot-button issue, and lawmakers are working to come up with a plan. During the meeting, according to several sources, Trump was flabbergasted by the inclusion of these countries in the deal.

“Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” Trump said. He then singled out Haiti, saying, “Why do we need more Haitians? Take them out.”

Trump, stable genius, questioned why we couldn’t get more immigrants from countries like Norway. Well, shitbucket, maybe because citizens of countries that have amazing infrastructure, universal health care, and aren’t run by a total jackass don’t want to come here? Just a thought. The White House didn’t confirm or deny that he said what he said, but early Friday morning, Trump sent out a tweet to clarify his remarks.

Thing is, other people were there. And one of them, Senator Dick Durbin, came with the fucking receipts for Racist McShitpants.

Here’s the other thing. People are shocked by what that rehydrated nutsack said. And rightfully so! But a lot of people are acting like this is the first time they’ve ever heard him be a racist. They seem to have forgotten the time he called for execution of the Central Park 5, AFTER they’d been exonerated. Or the time he called Mexicans rapists and criminals during his campaign. Remember the time he said everyone in Haiti has AIDS? And then there was that time he called black athletes sons of bitches for kneeling during a song he doesn’t even know the fucking words to. This is the man who clung to the racist birther lie about Forever President Barack Obama FOR YEARS.

And let’s not forget, after saying these horrific things about black people, and Mexicans, and Haitians, and so many more, he called ACTUAL NAZIS very fine people.

If you voted for Donald Trump, if you still support Donald Trump, if you would vote for him again, I have news for you: you’re racist, or AT THE VERY LEAST, accepting of racists and racism. You support a racist. A shockingly stupid, lazy racist. His comments yesterday weren’t out of the ordinary. They weren’t surprising. They were on par with literally everything he’s said and done FOR DECADES.

Donald Trump is a racist, full stop. He’s been a racist, he will continue to be a racist. Don’t act surprised when a racist does and says racists things. He showed you who he was, and 60 million of you still voted for him. Shame on you.

(Image: Facebook/Richard Branson)