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Mom Who Was Told She Has ‘Too Many Kids’ Has the Best Comeback Ever

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For anyone who’s been told they have “too many kids,” you have a new hero. When a mom was stopped by a stranger in a Kentucky Walmart, she was taken aback by his rude comment. “I feel sorry for you. You have your hands full with all those kids,” the man said. WTF! The mom hero responded with a now-viral Facebook post that puts the jerk firmly in his place.

Courtney Lester and her husband had just entered Walmart with their three kids when the incident occurred. When the man approached the family, Lester said she was too shocked to react. “I hear that I have my hands full often, but hearing someone say ‘I feel sorry for you’ really bothered me,” Lester told CafeMom. “I tried to let it go while we continued shopping, but the more I thought on it, the more I realized that it was not okay.”

Too many kids?

this doesn't look like too many kids

Image: Facebook / Courtney Lester

The final straw for Lester was her husband’s reaction. “My husband said, ‘I can’t believe he just said that. That was really rude!’ When he said that, I knew I wasn’t overreacting,” Courtney said.

Knowing that she has Facebook friends who are also mothers, she went to the social media site to vent.

“I have several mommy friends on Facebook that I knew would understand how upset I was, so I felt like I needed to share with them.”

To the stranger in Wal-Mart who said "I feel sorry for you, you have your hands full with all those kids", this is what…

Posted by Courtney Lester on Monday, June 19, 2017

Her post has been shared over 12,000 times.

Lester noted that you never know a person’s story just by looking at them. “What you can’t tell is that I lost 2 babies before being blessed with my last 2, so if you want to feel sorry for me, there’s the only reason why you should. My children are blessings.” Tell ’em, girl.

Perhaps most importantly, Courtney pointed out that, at the time of the comment, her children were being well-behaved. “You saw a 4-year-old singing a song, a 2-year-old sitting quietly in the buggy, and a newborn sleeping in his baby carrier,” she wrote on Facebook.

She wrapped up her post with, “never feel sorry for me because my heart is more full than my hands could ever be.”

Damn, that is so perfect.

(Image: Facebook / Courtney Lester)