For a Guy Who Feels So Passionately About the National Anthem, It Sure Seems Like Trump Doesn’t Actually Know the Words

Color me surprised! Donald Trump, stable genius, demands athletes stand the National Anthem. He’s called them sons of bitches for kneeling, suggested they be fired or suspended for kneeling, and encouraged fans to leave games and boycott the NFL until the organization adopted a policy of forced patriotism. Because Donald Trump is a good American, ok? The best American. There’s never been a better American! But apparently, Donnie was SO BUSY making sure everyone else was patriotic that he forgot to actually learn the words to the National Anthem. An embarrassment of riches, that guy.

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Donald Trump attended the College Football Playoff National Championship game on Monday. He was walked onto the field by a military escort to a mix of cheers and boos.

The Zac Brown band started playing “The Star-Spangled Banner”, and that’s sort of where it went off the rails. Stable Genius started out strong, he definitely knew the first few lines. “Oh, say can you see” is pretty hard to flub. Hand over heart, Trump mouthed along with the words … right up until “twilight’s last gleaming”. He missed that in a fairly obvious way.

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The Best American managed to pull it together a few more times, but the whole thing was kind of shit show. He NAILED “rocket’s red glare”, which is fitting for the guy with his tiny finger on the button.

Social media was obviously all over it. Because here’s the thing: if you, as a person, are going to insult and criticize people for KNEELING during the anthem to protest police brutality, call them un-American, and call for termination of their employment? Then you goddamn better know the words to that song front, back, and sideways.

Trump didn’t respond to the flub, or even acknowledge it in any way. Which means he’s probably been studying the words to the song and will jump on Twitter in a few days to tweet them out in 280-character soundbites full of typos. Watch the video above to see Super Patriot Trump poorly mouth his way through a song we all learned in second grade.

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