How The Kardashians Changed Dramatically Since The First Season

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Kourtney Cared Less About Her Curves

kardashians then and now

Image: Chris Connor/WENN.com

What is Kourtney eating now? Keto, gluten-free, no dairy – the public has become obsessed with Kourtney’s diet regimen and intense workout schedule. In a now-deleted scene from KUWTK, Kourtney sent shock waves through viewers after revealing her weight. She admittedly tips the scale at a whopping 98 pounds, which some could consider too low, but in all fairness, she is the shortest Kardashian measuring at 5 feet tall. However, before her clean eating, sugar-free, organic meals made headlines Kourtney didn’t have many dietary restrictions for staying fit. From indulging in cocktails to sushi to dessert on the show, Kourtney embraced her figure and loved showing off her sexy curves, especially during her pregnancies. If only we could all look like her during our maternal months.

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