Parents Everyone Was Talking About On The Internet In 2018

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In 2018, these parents took the internet by storm. Sometimes their antics were so silly or funny that we couldn’t help but laugh at (and with) them. Other times, these parents served as protectors of their children, or proved that they would do anything to make them happy. Their stories—both heartwarming and heartbreaking—captured the Internet’s attention in small flashes of viral fame, but their time in the spotlight taught us so much: How to go the extra mile (sometimes literally) to support our loved ones, how to pull off the perfect prank, even how to be supportive when ‘Baby Shark’ comes on for the twentieth time.

From a Twitter thread that shows off dads using baby carriers, to a dad who freaked out (and eventually came around) over a positive pregnancy test, almost every type of family is represented here: Fathers who change diapers, moms who breastfeed, daughters with a close relationship their fathers, and moms raising empowered young women. Some of these parents decided to get political (with varying degrees of success) but all of them ultimately proved that though parenting is tough it is well worth the effort.

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