Mom Makes Amazing Lunch Bag Art For Her Kids, Internet Tells Her To Pick Up A Vacuum

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If you want to draw amazing art on your kids’ lunch bags, make sure you’re a dad. Dads are overwhelmingly praised for such actions, while moms are called lazy, negligent housewives with “too much time on their hands.” Moms are not allowed to stop focusing on cooking, cleaning, or working for even a second to focus on something creative. If they do — the internet slams them for it. Because it’s 2014 and we’re all still a bunch of sexist a-holes.

Distractify posted a story to their Facebook page about a mom who draws amazing art on her kids’ brown bag lunches everyday. Monsters, magical donuts, unicorns — it’s really adorable. When I put a sticker on my kid’s lunch bag he’s thrilled, so I imagine her children love this. Does the internet love it? Nope. The internet thinks she must be ignoring her housework, kids, or clearly has no life. Leave it to the internet to shit on something so benign and sweet.

Mom is a Reddit user, and shared her lunch bag art in a forum. It’s incredible:




She explains in the comments on her post that the drawings take her about an hour and she usually does them at night while “watching TV or whatnot.” She says she sometimes does several at once if there are nights when she doesn’t have the kids. Her divorce was just finalized a few weeks ago, and she explains that drawing these images makes her feel connected to her kids when they aren’t there. That makes my heart hurt. I think it’s great that she’s channelling what may be some separation anxiety into something amazing and artistic.

The Reddit comments are overwhelmingly supportive, but Facebook. What is up with Facebook? You’d think having your picture connected to your comment would force people to be a little more decent — it doesn’t. Spoiler alert: everyone on Facebook is a sexist jerk.

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