How The Kardashians Changed Dramatically Since The First Season

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Kylie Was Jealous of Her Older Siblings

kylie jenner

Image: Bunim/Murray Productions ; Instagram / @kyliejenner

At 9 years old, Kylie Jenner became a child reality star overnight. Although life seemed pretty darn good for the mini-socialite in the fast lane, navigating through life as a “celebritween” had its ups and downs. When most young girls had their private diaries to write into about their feelings, Kylie’s emotions were caught on camera and televised for the whole world to see. Whether she witnessed her older sisters getting ready for a date or an interview, she wanted to be noticed too. Viewers got a glimpse of sibling rivalry when Kendall signed her first modeling contract and Kylie was filled with envy over her sister’s turn at success. Fast forward to 2019, and a cosmetic line worth mega bucks, Kylie is named by Forbes as the youngest-ever self-made billionaire. Bam! Who’s jealous now?

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