Even Jill Duggar’s Vomit Is Blessed

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jill dillard derrick dillardLet’s make one thing clear immediately: I don’t know a whole lot about the Duggars. However, one of the things that you have to do if you want to write for Mommyish is take a solemn blood oath swearing to deliver Duggar-flavored news as soon as it becomes available.

So here we stand.

Or really, we stand, Jill Dillard (née Duggar) kneels in front of a toilet, barfing into it and praising the Lord for the privilege. A lot of things came out of my mouth when I experienced morning sickness; anything I tried to swallow, a little blood, and of course a string of the foulest language I could dream up. I didn’t have anything nice to say about the ordeal, but Jill sees it differently, according to E! Online:

“I’ve been having a lot of morning sickness. They should call it pregnancy sickness because it’s all day…I’m thanking God for this little life and the good signs. It’s well worth it.”

I’ve heard this before. In the throes of my dry heaving or constant spitting into the bucket I carried with me, there was always someone willing to tell me how grateful I should be for my “queasies” because that meant that everything was working as it should. Well, fuck that, but good for Jill that she can praise the lord in between horking up all of the tasty shit she’s been craving:

“[Like my mother, I crave] things that are more sour to settle stomach: dill pickles, lemon with salt or lemon juice with water or salt,” she shared. “I like cold things [too]. I don’t like a lot of hot meals right now but I do try to get protein every two hours.”

Awww. Like mother like daughter, right? Except Jill, who was all, “in your face, Quiverfull” by giving full frontal hugs to her fiance before marriage and possibly getting her hump on pre-wedding, doesn’t plan to do the letter name trend like her parents did, saying that instead they might do some “other theme” with their yet-to-be-born litter of children.

We can only hope that it’s something completely rad, like she’ll name all of her kids after The Ramones or give them all rhyming monikers or something awesome like that.

Either way, I’m happy that Jill can find a silver lining in the toilet, although I think it would be totally refreshing to have a Duggar woman just be completely honest once in awhile. I’m hoping Jinger marries some pierced up bad boy, experiences morning sickness just once, says fuck it, converts to Buddhism and gets an IUD.

Hey, a girl can dream.

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