10 Reasons Your Toddler Won’t Take A Nap

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We all know why toddler bedtime continues to be nothing short of a daily pole vaulting struggle, but what about nap times? Wrestling your 2-year-old into afternoon submission isn’t exactly a cake walk either, especially with so many stimulating daily activities about even the most mundane places.

So why exactly won’t your toddler take a nap?

1. Because their backpacks make awesome hats


(photo: 150hp)

2. Because they’re not tired

toddler tantrum tired

(photo:  Maxsmom)

3. Because they need to move into this baking dish

toddler in baking dish(photo: ★[ the black star ]★)

4. Because they would rather shatter your glass door with this baseball bat

toddler glass door bat

(photo:  tfbiii2002)

5. Because they finally DO want the mac n’ cheese they didn’t eat for lunch

toddler mac n cheese

(photo: ★[ the black star ]★)

6. Because Teddy isn’t tired yet

toddler and teddy

(photo: kenziepants)

7. Because mommy look what I can do!

toddler hiding

(photo:  KRISnFRED)

8. Because they’re about to eat this battery

toddler and battery

(photo:  meridethmccoy)

9. Because I’m eating blocks right now, thanks

toddler eating blocks

(photo:  abbybatchelder)

10. Because this glass door exists

toddler glass

(photo:  Rob Windsor)