Jessica Simpson Shares Weight Watchers Ad With Someone Other Than Her Unborn — Fellow Mom Jennifer Hudson

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Picture-1-300x238Jessica Simpson is busy baby bump exploiting lady. But the soon-to-be mother of two took a break from her pregnancy confirmation tweeting and Weight Watchers-branded pregnancy announcement to film another ad along aside fellow Weight Watchers mother, Jennifer Hudson. Who knew Jessica would be willing to share the Weight Watchers glow with anyone but her unborn? But we have proof — frame by frame!

In what can be interpreted as the meeting of the two Weight Watchers bookends, Jennifer and Jessica go back and forth on opposite streets about how Weight Watcher has impacted their life. You know the script and so do I. Lots of market tested words, no doubt, about always being resigned to their weight and then taking action — as moms! Moms that you recognize and like and look up to. Then they meet right outside a building (that is not visibly marked as Weight Watchers meeting location — you guys missed a plug there!) and saunter inside where we can presume they continue being fabulous and Weight Watchers-y.

Brand that Weight Watchers stroll why don’t you and put in on an instructional DVD that can also be shilled along side photos of Jessica Simpson’s next baby shower. All food provided by Weight Watchers, of course.

[youtube_iframe id=”hvohHi69o9w”]