Brilliant Break-Up Video Answers Awkward Break-Up Questions

Breaking up is seriously hard to do. Facebook and other social media have made it awkward and impossible. Have you ever had to change your “relationship status?” I haven’t, but I’ve seen the shit storm that results when someone else does.  A bunch of awkward well-wishing and nosy questions. That’s why I think this break-up video was a brilliant idea.

Jonathan and Ivory seem like a really cute couple. They obviously each have a sense of humor, anyway. But there are some things in relationships that are considered “deal breakers.” Not agreeing on whether to procreate is definitely one of them.

I want to have kids

And I really don’t

I thought that she might some day

But I really won’t

So we gotta break up

It’s the only way

Cause I would resent you

And that’s not fair

We still love each other

But this train has stopped

We just needed you to know

We gotta break up.

Okay, so in addition to this video being the cutest thing ever, it actually illustrates the very profound reason behind a lot of break-ups. The unwillingness to actually believe who someone says they are and what they say they want is the cause of unhappiness in a lot of relationships. I think it is really cool that this couple is being so honest about it.

Think of all of the awkward questions that won’t have to be asked! They put all of their business out there, for their friends and the whole Internet to see. Brilliant. It also may perform the dual function of getting the two of them some dates. The guy seems sweet and the girl seems awesome. Personally, I think the ability to have a civil break-up is a very attractive quality in a potential mate.

In a world where it is increasingly difficult to keep personal aspects of your life – personal – the idea of beating everyone to the punch is pretty refreshing.

(photo: Jonathan Mann/

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