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Jessica Simpson Shockingly Announces Via Twitter She Is Pregnant Again — Shocking No One

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simpson twitterWe all knew Jessica Simpson is pregnant again! We could have told her this! But she officially announced she is knocked up with bebe number two via Twitter by posting a super adorable photograph of her firstborn Maxwell Drew. Jessica Simpson and her fiancé Eric Johnson gave birth to Maxwell in May, and the previous Halloween she had announced via Twitter that she was pregnant by dressing up as a mummy and tweeting “It’s True! I am going to be a mummy.”

Now rumors are floating around about how this will affect her multi-million dollar Weight Watchers contract, but I’m not sure why this would affect anything. I mean, yeah, pregnant women aren’t supposed to actively “diet” but isn’t the Weight Watcher’s jam all about healthy eating and controlling portions and not existing solely on cupcakes? I’m sure Jessica Simpson could continue to be a spokesperson if the focus was placed on healthy eating and not calorie restriction. Plus, when she lost 60 pounds on Weight Watchers post-baby she got so much publicity for the company and all of the media went insane and for some reason, people care a lot about what Jessica Simpson shoves in her mouth hole.

So, get ready people. Get ready for countless stories speculating on the sex of the Simpson baby, the name of the unborn Simpson baby, the stories about how Jessica Simpson has already gained three pounds during this pregnancy, how she looks “puffy” or “fat” or she is a “yummy mummy” or a MILF, or whatever headlines the tabloids will announce for the next 7 or so months. I just saw a headline this morning about how she looked when she out Christmas shopping at Target. I know the general public cares about celebrity and celebrity moms and celebrity baby bumps, but I sort of wish Jessica Simpson would either hide out for the full duration of her pregnancy or dress up in some bizarre costume like the Stay Puff marshmallow man whenever she leaves the house so everyone would stop speculating on whether or not she has cankles during pregnancy.

I wish her health and happiness during her pregnancy, the same as I wish any non-famous pregnant woman. But I just couldn’t care less about how much baby weight she gains or how much water she retains while being pregnant.

(photo: twitter)