Don’t Worry, Weight Watchers Found A Way To Capitalize On Jessica Simpson’s Second Pregnancy

Jessica SimpsonIt’s been at the top of everyone’s holiday concerns. How will Weight Watchers get a decent return on their multi-million-dollar deal with Jessica Simpson if she’s already having another baby? Well fret not, my friends. The company gets to publicly announce Simpson’s second pregnancy. Even more, they get to put the pop star through the baby weight gauntlet once again after her newest bundle of joy arrives.

Instead of the original Christmas Day ad that the company was planning to unveil, check out this new stroke of public relations genius:

[youtube_iframe id=”UxbTnr1Fw0k”]

It was originally rumored that Weight Watchers was furious over Simpson’s surprise baby. After all, “No one wants to hear about a pregnant woman dieting.” But it looks like the weight loss gurus have found a way to work with their controversial spokeswoman. In fact, they’re working her brand image boo-boo into the campaign, with a focus on “not being perfect” and accepting “human flaws.”

I’m sure Weight Watchers would have loved for their commercial to be the first official announcement of the pregnancy, but Simpson seems to have preempted her employers. The reality star and fashion mogul tweeted a picture of her seven-month old, little Maxwell Drew, claiming to be a “Big Sis” this morning.

Jessica is said to be ignoring her points during the pregnancy, but will resume the riding the “post-baby body” obsession after baby number two comes. Really, while this turn of events might prove to be even more fruitful for Weight Watchers. Now they get to have a whole new weight loss struggle for tabloids to cover and comment about in just a few short months. If the media is anything like this summer, the company can assume that their spokeswoman and her weight will be making plenty of headlines for them in the not-so-distant future.

(Photo: YouTube)

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