India Charges 5 Men In The New Delhi Gang Rape & They’re Headed Straight To Court

shutterstock_117122497Times may be ever so slightly shifting in India in response to the gang rape of the 23-year-old student who consequently died due to her injuries. Unlike the many other rapes that the  Indian legal system has reportedly exhibited a lackadaisical response to, five culprits have been officially charged. And they’re headed straight to court — like now.

The New York Times reports that the five alleged monsters in the now infamous New Delhi rape have been charged with rape, murder, destruction of evidence, and the attempted murder of the woman’s boyfriend. There is a sixth suspect but he is underage, meaning that his case will be handled separately  The slew of charges could very well result in the death penalty.

But in addition to formally charging the woman’s attackers — a justice few women in India have ever known — they’re also going to court STAT. The legal process for rape has been known to take over a decade in some instances. But not this time:

The case against the five men will be referred almost immediately to a new fast-track court set up in recent days to handle cases involving crimes against women, officials said. That court is expected to hold a trial soon in stark contrast to the apathy and years of delay that Indian rape victims often face when seeking justice.

The noted protests that have been sweeping across India have reportedly “caught the government by surprise.” So much so that they actually got their asses in gear over the “almost routine” gang rapes in their own country.

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