Fellow Famous Mommy Madonna Telephones Hospitalized Demi Moore

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madonnaIf you work in the warped universe that is Hollywood, I suppose you know that you’re loved when fellow celebrity mother Madonna drops her busy schedule to give you a “Get Well” phone call. The icon apparently phoned Demi Moore while she was being hospitalized following a collapse and the two moms exchanged heartfelt words.

E! reports that Madonna told the actress that if she needed anything, she was there for her in a very brief  conversation. The two ladies aren’t usually in regular contact but they do host a post-Oscars party together every year. The status of this year’s party has yet to be confirmed given Demi’s health but the actress has since been released from the hospital in Los Angeles where she was being treated for exhaustion.

Some ridiculous source over at Us Magazine attributed Demi’s downfall to her turning the big 5-0 and having no “focus” since her marriage to Ashton Kutcher:

“She has spiraled and gotten to a place where she is struggling too much to function … Her life is completely in crisis. She is turning 50 and has no idea who she is or what her focus should be.”

There’s no doubt that a crumbling marriage is reason to be upset, but all these reports coupling Demi’s problems and perhaps drug abuse with her age and her “disintegrating” looks seem to be a narrative more founded in tabloids than anything else. I’m not so silly as to think that all 40+ women whose philandering husbands get caught with their panties down are anxious about their fading youth. But on second thought, if Demi is worried about getting older, perhaps a phone call from the notoriously age-defying Madonna is exactly what the doctor ordered.

(photo: WENN)