Jessa Duggar And Ben Seewald Make Out On Social Media, And It’s Actually Kind Of Hot

Jessa Duggar recently wed Ben Seewald in a wholesome, G-rated ceremony fit enough for purity-loving Kirk Cameron and his daughters. Now the newlyweds want the world to know that they did it. THEY DID THE NASTY BUSINESS.

Yes, they kissed.


Smexy! Jessa and Ben mashed their lips together for her Instragram account, in a photo titled “It’s great living life with your best friend!” It sure is, Jessa, especially if living life includes touching mouths – and other body parts – for the first time. We mock, yes, but we can’t help but also feel genuinely happy for the newlyweds, who are surely experiencing the most insane honeymoon period of all times. They used to barely be allowed to hold hands and now their naked body parts may touch each other 24/7! It’s got to be kind of exhilarating, right? I mean, just look at that kiss – all hair, no tongue, and Ben’s tank top. Can we talk about the tank top? I’m kind of into it.

Here’s hoping the couple actually enjoys their One Shade of Grey for a few weeks, months or -gasp! – even a year before going the way of Duggar sister Jill, who got knocked up immediately after marrying Derick Dillard. If Jessa’s pink wedding dress was anything to speculate about, maybe Ben and Jessa did some practicing before they walked down the aisle. Either way, have fun you two! We hope you’re both enjoying yourselves. Hint hint, Ben. Take care of your wife. Down there. You feel me? No? Sigh.

(Photo: @jessaseewald)

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