4chan Murderer Posts Victim’s Photos Online, To The Cheers Of Internet Scumbags

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4chan murderer david kalac facebookContent note: violence against women, rape, misogyny, and literally some of the worst things you will ever read.

If you are a woman, there are parts of the Internet that hate you for that reason alone. There can be no better proof of that than the fact that one man felt comfortable posting pictures of his girlfriend, who he says he murdered, to Internet message board 4chan – expecting to be not just tolerated, but praised for his actions. He got what he was looking for, of course, at least until he disappointed his fellow 4chan users by failing to commit police-assisted suicide. This is sick, this is terroristic, and this is the reason no one cares if not ALL men are murderers. It’s enough that a few are, and that there are people out there willing to cheer them on for it.

David Kalac of Port Orchard, Washington, strangled his live-in girlfriend Amber Coplin to death, posted naked pictures of her corpse to 4chan, and left her body for her son to find when he got home from school. Despite some 4chan users condemning his actions, and several more accusing him of faking his photos, most of their response to this psychotic monster’s actions were exactly what you’d expect from the poop-smeared asshole of the Internet. When I put on my biohazard to see what 4chan was saying about the crime, about the first thing I found was a thread called “Why isn’t anyone repos[t]ing David Kalac’s pics?” (Warning: do not click that link unless you hate yourself as much as I apparently do.)

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Oh, and in case you were wondering, someone did, of course, repost a link to the pictures. But it gets worse, because this is 4chan we’re talking about. If this story is already squicking you out, you might not want to click to the next page to see what 4chan users actually said about Kalac’s actions.

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