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Cat Deeley Blasts a Restaurant on Twitter Asking, “So You Think You Can… Eat This?”

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(Twitter / Cat Deeley)

Cat Deeley had a bad meal at a fancy Los Angeles restaurant, and she wants the whole world to know about it. The “So You Think You Can Dance” host visited TOMGEORGE restaurant in Downtown LA for lunch on March 18, and after she left she tweeted to her 357,000 followers, “The worst featuring! Worst food! As for the manager?????? Moron!!!!!” So many exclamation points, she must mean business.

When pressed for more information from her Twitter followers, Deeley responded that TOMGEORGE is “The most disgusting restaurant, terribly run, by a manager – who can only be described as an amateur. Avoid at all costs.” She went on to explain that the food was “terrible,” and that she only gives the restaurant “three months tops.”

Now her waiter at the restaurant is tweeting his side of the story. “@CatDeeley Cat, as your server at TomGeorge I am hurt by your response to free food. I gave you respect, and I served you with love.” He included a picture of the receipt to show that the restaurant had not only comped all the food (removing $123 from the bill), but that she hadn’t left the waiter a tip.

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Deeley responded to his tweet with, “And as I respectfully told you, the catalogue of errors were not your fault. However the mistakes were repeatedly not correctly rectified. The food was terrible and your manager was unhelpful and rude. Respect and love should be shown to all,attention to detail is necessary too! Just to be clear. Our order arrived at the table incorrectly FIVE times! Then one of my guests dishes was inedible. There was zero service.”

I get how frustrating it is when a restaurant repeatedly messes up your order, and that’s only amplified when you’re paying exorbitant prices ($16 for a burger!). But there’s no excuse to not tip the waiter, especially since she specifically said it wasn’t his fault.

TOMGEORGE restaurant addressed the incident on Facebook, stating “We are listening to any feedback because we need to provide the best service. In this case we couldn’t do anything. She didn’t like the food so we comped all of the food items, then she tweeted a lot of inappropriate tweets, although we tried to ease her ‘pain.’ But she’s still very welcome in our restaurant again if she gives us any chance to prove to her, the lot of good reviews are for a reason.”

Something tells me she’s not going to take them up on their offer.