ABC Cancels ‘Roseanne’ Reboot After Racist Tweets From Racist Star

So apparently ABC will tolerate *some* racism from one of its stars, but not, like, a lot of racism. Good to know! Earlier today, Roseanne Barr took to Twitter and vomited some truly disgusting tweets about former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. The tweets, while gross and racist, were pretty on-trend for Barr! This isn’t the first time she’s expressed some incredibly problematic views. But it looks like this time was the final straw for the network that aired her popular reboot, Roseanne. Following the public outrage, ABC announced it was cancelling the show.

It’s been a helluva morning! First, Roseanne was her usual self on Twitter (seriously, this is not new for her, she’s trash). Then, people were rightly pissed. It all culminated with ABC cancelling the show that should never have been rebooted in the first place.

So let’s break this down. In this particular tweet (not to be confused with other, equally horrible ramblings from Barr), she says former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett is the offspring of the Muslim Brotherhood and Planet of the Apes. Barr has a long history of comparing black people to apes and monkeys, so is this a surprise? No, no it is not. Is it disgusting? In every sense of the word.

Roseanne tried to back-peddle and issued an apology that sounds like it was written by some exasperated ABC exec who woke up to 1283749 texts and emails.

“Bad jokes about her politics and looks.” “I should have known better.” I … honestly fuck this woman. Should she have “known better” than to send this tweet today, too?

Quickly following the outrage over Roseanne’s tweets, Wanda Sykes tweeted out that she wouldn’t be returning as consulting producer.

Then, perhaps sensing that Barr finally might have pissed off enough people to scare away viewers and advertisers, ABC released its own statement.

I mean, better late than never, I suppose! Good to know that attacking black people, trans people, Muslim people, and dressing up like Hitler and baking “Jew” cookies is along the lines of what ABC finds acceptable. We all have our breaking points, I guess.

The fallout has just begun, but one of the stars of the show has already responded on Twitter.

It should be noted that in a recent episode, Roseanne (whose opinions and words should be kept separate from the show) suspected her Muslim neighbors of being terrorists because they bought fertilizer. So, maybe the two weren’t as separate as the rest of the cast had hoped.

I’m glad ABC finally did the right thing. But come the fuck on. That woman should have never been given a platform for her disgusting racism. I’m already seeing the BUT WHAT ABOUT HER FIRST AMENDMENT?? arguments.

Roseanne is able to say whatever the hell she wants. She’s not going to jail for it, nor is she being persecuted for it. But no one, and I mean no one, is above being raked over the coals for being racist trash. And no one who believes the things she believes deserves a goddamn television show to promote them.

Bye now!

(Image: ABC / Roseanne)

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