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19 Kids And Counting: In Which Jessa And Ben Full-Frontal Hug And Enter The Fiery Gates Of Hell

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You read that headline correctly and we will get to it shortly but first things first- have you recovered from you root bear float Duggar-Dillard wedding hangover? I am just now starting to feel like myself again and full-frontal hugging my husband isn’t carrying with it waves of guilt over my mortal soul. Now, just as we are moving back into normalcy, we all know that yet another Duggar daughter has embarked on her path as a Baby Machine. Jessa married Ben Seewald this past weekend and last night’s episode of 19 Kids and Counting detailed the saga of her barf-fest engagement to Ben.

The episode begins with a brief mention of Jill and Derick’s nuptials before we move on full-force into marrying off the next daughter. Jessa and Ben have been a-courtin’ for a whole 11 months now and at the tender ages of 21 (her) and 19 (him), they Ben and Jim Bob have decided it’s time for the next step. In what might be the most awkwardly staged scene of any TV show ever, Ben rambles on about how he and Jessa are perfect for each other and asks The Boob for her hand in marriage. In his camera interview, Ben says he and Jessa have the same goals and passions in life and that she is “indescribably amazing”. Translation: Dat ass, tho. Dude is so pent up it’s hard to watch him.

Anyway, of course, Jim Bob says yes. TLC tries for suspense but since we all know Jim Bob moved Ben to their property for the sole purpose of hurrying things along, did anyone at any point REALLY think he was going to say no? Jim Bob says something dumb about how important it will be to provide for Jessa. Which is dumb only because we all know Ben is an unemployed, uneducated teenager living in his father-in-law’s barn attic. No matter. He has loins and “passions” so he will do just fine for the Duggar goal of World Domination, one baby at a time. With a nod from the world’s creepiest father-in-law, Ben is set to go.

Ben heads on over to the kitchen where he happens upon Jinger, Joy Anna and Jana. Naturally. I think the kitchen and the bathroom are the only places the older girls are allowed to go during business hours. Ben explains that he got Jim Bob’s blessing (puke) and that he wants to propose to Jessa by way of a scavenger hunt. Jana throws him a little shade and her face tells us she thinks it’s a horrible idea but doofy Ben is undeterred. He asks Jinger to accompany him as their chaperone and she happily agrees. Any reason to be free from your kitchen shackles, amirite? Jinger says “exciting times, yo!” You guys, Jinger is a BAMF, for sure. Love her.

After a staged Skype session with Jessa’s brother, Josh “The Paunch” Duggar, to tell him of his proposal plans, Ben is off and running. This is where I just started giggling and kept it up for the remainder of the episode. Ben is a serious dude bro. All he needs is a popped collar (I think Jesus frowns upon those so for now, it lays flat). He is wrapping a gift for Jessa and he totally sucks at wrapping. He is such a lovable derp.

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