22 Fascinating Facts About Jason Momoa

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Jason Momoa

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Every once in a while, someone comes along who unites us all. Sometimes it’s a musician. Sometimes it’s hero of some kind. And sometimes, it’s an incredibly hot and sexy actor who captures our hearts and moves immediately to the top of our laminated lists. For a lot of us (most of us?), that happened when Jason Momoa stepped on the scene. He’s not new to Hollywood by any means. Momoa has been acting for years, on both the small and big screens. But it was his turn as Khal Drogo, and then his starring role as Aquaman in the DC Comics franchise, that really made us pay attention. And now we just can’t get enough of him.

But you know what? Jason Momoa is more than just a pretty face and AMAZING physique. Although, let’s be honest, he is very much both of those things. Momoa is a devoted husband, father, and talented performer. He’s an activist who is passionate about the environment. Momoa is a jack of all trades, and wouldn’t you know, he excels at all of them. He even helped a Girl Scout sell more cookies! The more we learn about Jason Momoa, the more we love him, and it was hard to love him more than we already did. But even die-hard Momoa fans might not have known some of these fascinating facts about him!

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