This Girl Scout Became Top Cookie Seller By Rebranding Her Samoas As ‘Momoas’

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Image: Instagram / @gscolo

Listen, as soon as Girl Scout cookie season hits, those pushers come out in full force. It’s brutal! There are Girl Scouts on every corner, hawking their delicious goods. Every time your doorbell rings, you have to put $5 in your pocket in case it’s a Scout. Entire Facebook feeds are filled with pleas to buy cookies, BUY OUR COOKIES, MY DAUGHTER IS SELLING COOKIEEEEEEEES. The competition is stiff, and these Girl Scouts are not messing around. It’s hard to set yourself apart from the hoards of cookie-sellers, but one brilliant Scout is taking it to a whole new level. Charlotte Holmberg, a 5th grade Scout from Colorado, took matters into her own hands and rebranded a popular cookie to boost sales. Can we interest you in some “Momoa” Samoas? We thought so.

Rather than let her delicious Samoas sell themselves, Charlotte put a picture of Aquaman heartthrob Jason Momoa on the box.

See now, we would buy those by the damn case! Charlotte and her mom, who actually works in marketing, got the brilliant idea after seeing a mock-up of a box of “Momoa” Samoas on Facebook. Rather than chuckle at the idea and go about their day, they decided to make it happen. They printed out new labels featuring the movie star, and painstakingly glued one on each box of Samoas. Needless to say, the beefcake cookies are a huge hit! Says Charlotte, “The moms are getting really excited and they’re saying that they need them.” We do, kiddo. WE REALLY DO.

The super smart marketing gimmick paid off for Charlotte.

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Image: SNL

The rebranded boxes boosted her sales enough that Charlotte was recently named a Top Cookie CEO. Which, we imagine, is a pretty big deal in the Girl Scout cookie game. We have to hand it to Charlotte and her – they saw a need, and they filled it. And their idea is absolutely the best use of Samoas and/or pictures of Jason Momoa we’ve ever seen. So what if they’re not good for you?! With that guy on the box, you don’t even have to open them to be satisfied. We love seeing Scouts get innovative when it comes to selling their cookies and supporting their organization. These kids are going to take over the world one day, and we can’t wait.

But what we really need is for Charlotte to send us some of those Momoas. We’ll take two boxes! Oh who are we kidding – we’ll take a whole damn case.