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20 Of The Best Children Books To Re-Read As An Adult

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Image: Shutterstock / By Kostikova Natalia

Why re-read the best children books to be written you ask? Children books most often are designed to entertain, are short, illustrated to hold the attention of a young person- and often are the literature that’s had the greatest influence on our lives. Many think just because we’re all grown now that it means we’ve outgrown our favorite kids’ book. That’s so not true! When it comes to children literature, we all have our favorites that have left lasting impressions to our hearts, minds, and souls with characters that kept us smiling and entertained our imaginations. Those books are passed on to the next generation in hopes that our children are equally inspired and thrilled.

However, there’s nothing that’s written that says we still can’t enjoy those book ourselves! There’s a lot of value in rereading your favorite books. You can revisit your cherished characters, escape to the comfort of familiar worlds, and discover new details that you missed the first time around. So pour yourself a generous glass of fine wine (which also gets better with age!), and kick back with one of these 20 books with their silly storylines, moving messages, and unforgettable moments that are worth revisiting in adulthood. You’ll find as you re-read these children books that have way more to offer now as they did way back when.

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