25+ Great Coloring Books For Kids That Encourages Learning

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Coloring has come into the mainstream over the course of the past few years, especially for adults. The market essentially blew up. There are coloring books for just about anything. You name it, and there is likely a coloring book out there featuring it, even down to, ahem, vaginas and anti-terrorism (that one is rather scary). However, this article is for the kids! By establishing a great empire with coloring books for adults that feature educational items in them, from flowers to mythological creatures, it has paved the way for more children’s coloring books to become more focused on children learning new things while also having fun during coloring time!

There are so many amazing educational coloring books out there for kids on the market today, with more and more coming out every single day! Gone are the days of just having coloring books with generic characters and animals, with no real value or depth to them. In 2019, we’re all about learning new things and going on fun adventures through the joy that coloring brings! Below are some of the best of the best educational coloring books on the market today. Hint – they would also make for great holiday gifts for the children that are in your life!

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