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Brides Who Didn’t Get Enough Of A Spotlight On Their Wedding Day Can Now Have A Completely Solo Do-Over

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bride taking selfieOther than believing Dionne from Clueless was utterly misguided for thinking bridesmaids and sailor hats were a good mix, growing up I didn’t give much thought to my wedding until a ring was on my finger. Then it was a whirlwind of decisions and compromises and crying about budget and the day was here and gone before I knew it. My wedding was perfectly appropriate and I know that in the end, it’s the marriage that matters, not the trimmings. But some days when my hair is in a greasy messy bun and there’s Lord knows what on my yoga pants that I’ve been wearing for three days straight, I wish I could have just one more day to dress up in a pristine white gown and and have a day that’s all about me. Thanks to a Japanese travel company offering solo wedding packages, my daydream can be a reality.

The highest of virtual high-fives to Jezebel for bringing the best vacation package ever to my attention. Cerca Travel Company in Kyoto, Japan, offers several different tour packages for woman traveling alone or in small groups. But what sets them apart is their solo wedding package.

The two-day tour extravaganza costs around $2500 for those who want to wear a wedding dress and around $3100 for those who want to wear a bridal kimono. It’s a total package that includes everything from the dress, professional hair and makeup, a professional photographer (pictures included) hotel, travel to and from the photo shoot and a bridal bouquet. You can even add on a stand-in husband for photos, one that won’t insist on wearing burnt orange socks that clash with your color scheme because he claims college football is somehow relevant to your wedding day.

The Cerca Travel Comapny president said that the tour was originally designed for single woman who wanted to experience a wedding and bridal photo shoot without the pressure of having to get married. But they seemed to have miscalculated the need of married woman to feel like a princess too, because since its inception, about half of the woman who have purchased the package were married women looking for a do-over or just one more day of glamour.

One of the most attractive parts of this experience is that you do it alone. The package prices are for one person only, so there’s no need to worry about your mom fussing over your shade of lipstick, your sister trying to upstage you with her cleavage, no seating arrangements to lose sleep over. Unlike the lies they tell us when we actually get married, the solo wedding package really is all about you.

I know this is essentially a very expensive version of a little girl’s game of dress up. And that if I really wanted to, my wedding dress is in my closet, awaiting me to don it for a very fancy waltz around the floor with my vacuum. And most of us aren’t flying to Japan anytime soon. But I think it’s a great expression of self love for those who want it. While it’s not free, the cost is on par with some yoga retreats or spa vacations, and if it makes you feel good about yourself, and you can afford it, then why not?

I may not be headed to Japan in the near future, but for now I’m just happy knowing that Miranda from Sex And The City was wrong- you don’t get just “one day.”

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