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15 Stylish Haircuts That Prove You’re A Mom

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If you’ve ever uttered the words “graduated bob” before, then you just might be a mom. I promise you I am not here to rag on the mom haircut, but I am here to share my objective observations.

Many, many of my friends have subtly changed their hairstyles after popping a baby out of their lady parts. Now, I assume that these friends didn’t check out of the hospital and go directly to the Cuttin’ Corral to get a shoulder-length, layered do that is easy to style with a baby under one arm. But as the postpartum months passed, the hair got shorter.

The mom haircut is a sure sign that you’re a grown-up lady without much time to get ready in the morning. But as you look a little closer, you’ll see that the mom cut isn’t all business—it normally has highlights or lowlights or feathering or some kind of fancy bangs that you can style for a special anniversary date night once a year. Now it all makes sense.

You might be a mom if you’ve rocked one of these stylish cuts in the carpool lane before:

1. A Modern-Day June Cleaver?



2. Mom Style: Business In The Back.

mom23. Mom Style With A Trendy Twist.




4. Busy Mom Hair In The Morning.

mom45. Bangs AND Highlights AND Lowlights, Oh My!




6. I Just Wanna Run My Hands Through This Silky Mom Hair.

mom67. Long Mom Layers.





8. I Am Positive That This Mannequin Has Children.

mom89. Posh Spice Put Mom Hair On The Map.




10. Funky Fresh Cool Mom Hair.

mom1011. I Know We All Hate Her, But She Is Still A Mom With Hair.

mom1112. Oh, Wait, We Hate Her Too, But She Is A Mom With Hair.

mom1613. Now THIS Is A Mom With Hair Who We Love.

mom1314. Coming Soon To A PTA Near You.

mom1215. Feathery 80s Cut Screams MAMA.


(Image: Pinterest; ollyy/Shutterstock)