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10 Jobs Taken More Seriously Than Mommy Blogger

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Gregory Johnson

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of the title “mommy blogger.” I’m not ashamed to be a parent or a writer who writes about parenting, but I don’t think that defines me or my career. In an ideal world, I would prefer to be referred to as a “parenting writer,” or even a “mom blogger” (because the idea of adults who aren’t my children calling me “mommy” anything is a little ick to me). That being said, I think it’s problematic that certain people (*cough misogynists cough*) think it’s okay to use “mommy blogger” as a put down, in a way you never hear when the discussion is about video game blogging or fashion blogging (two other subjects I’ve written about extensively).

This who snafu with Eve Vawter and the troglodytes who commented on her CNN interview got me thinking, does anyone take mommy blogging seriously? More importantly, what jobs are supposedly more important than mommy blogging? Below are ten jobs taken more seriously than mommy blogging.

10. The lady who writes the Bigfoot erotica

9. Canine Anal Gland Cleaner

8. Maggot Farmer

7. Chicken Sexer

6. Fart Statistician (yes this is a thing)

5. Portable Toilet Cleaner

4. Whale Snot Collector

3. Guano Collector

2. Vomit Collector

1. Porn Fluffer