Sorry World, But This Fairy Doll Does Not Have A Penis

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A Argentinian mother bought a Fashion Happy Fairy doll from a discount toy store in her neighborhood. She brought it home to find a piece of plastic that apparently didn’t get cut from the mold correctly. She posted a photo of it to her Facebook page. It’s causing quite a stir.


Is it utterly obvious to anyone else what has happened here? Looks like the plastic torso was cut out of a mold and some piece of plastic remained. Big deal. I’m not really understanding why anyone thinks this knock-off cheap toy company is trying to make the first transgender doll. Don’t get me wrong, a transgender doll would be awesome, but this isn’t one. Unless we all believe the penis sprouts of the anus.

Here’s a video I’m not even sure why I’m showing you:

Maybe the world is just really ready to have a conversation about a transgender doll. Maybe it’s a slow news week. Maybe people just want to argue. From the Daily Mail:

The mother of the girl posted a picture of the ‘transgender doll’ on her Facebook account and the image and story went viral, causing a stir around the country. 

The toy is made in China and was purchased from Argentine wholesaler ‘Once.’

The doll has caused shock and debate across Argentina, with one member of the public explaining: ‘It’s very difficult to give an opinion because I’m conscious that it’s a taboo subject in society… but yes, obviously, it’s shocking.’

Not sure I would use the word “shocking” to describe this.

This is totally unrelated, but I’ve always wondered if anyone else had an anatomically correct Raggedy Andy doll. Anyone? My Raggedy Andy doll had a penis. Seriously. A little fabric penis. Every time I’ve asked someone about this, they’ve looked at me like I was crazy. Did anyone else have one of these? Please say yes.

Back to this Fairy Doll. She doesn’t have a penis. Relax.

(photo: Daily Mail video still)