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5 Old Kids Shows I Wish Were Still On The Air

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Every generation since the dawn of TV has believed that their generation experienced the golden age of television. Which is ridiculous, because clearly MY generation experienced the golden age of television. Okay, maybe not, but there were some kick ass children’s shows on the air when I was a kid, and man do I miss them. Here are my favorite five that I wish were still on the air.

5. You Can’t Do That On Television

This long running show ran from 1979 to 1990, first on CTV (Canada) then on Nickelodeon where I came to love it. It’s also where Alanis Morissette made her TV debut (my 90’s girl heart is SQUEE-ing right now). Check out Alanis at her most dork-tastic above.

4. All That

Another skit comedy show on Nickelodeon that I loved was All That, aka home of Good Burger and where Kenan Thompson and Amanda Bynes got their start. My all time favorite skit on any show ever has to be Kenan’s “Pierre Escorgot.” There is nothing funnier than someone using a terrible french accent to make fart jokes. NOTHING.

3. Mr. Wizard’s World

Mr. Wizard, which was a revival of Watch Mr. Wizard from the 1960s-70s, came on hella early when I was a kid, but I would drag myself out of bed to watch his sciency wonder. He was Bill Nye the Science Guy before that was a thing. Mr. Wizard would do what seemed like (to a little kid) impossible experiments and then break them down in a way understandable and enjoyable to kids.Check out the asbestos paper in the clip above. OH, 1980s, you crazy bastard!

2. Dark Wing Duck

Confession time. Dark Wing Duck, the hapless superhero from the Duck Tales universe, was my first (non-human or otherwise) crush. I’ll give you a moment to silently heckle me.The onlyguy more awesome than DWD was his arch nemesis and doppelganger Negaduck, because who doesn’t love a bad boy?

1. VR Troopers

Yes, VR Troopers was a poor knock-off of Power Rangers, but dammit if I wasn’t addicted to this damn show. Similar to Power Rangers, VR Troopers would fight bad guys, but unlike Power Rangers, VRT used the media’s weird fascination with virtual reality to try to carry the show. Which seems pretty lame now, but trust me, it totally worked on my weird little 4th grade mind. This show was the most 90’s-iest thing that ever 90’d.