These 16 Internet Fails Are Still The Best Part Of The Internet

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Wizards, Hobbits, same diff.

internet fails

Image: AcidCow

“Yer a wizard, Frodo!” Now, this is one of those internet fails that’s almost acceptable. Because here’s the thing: if you’re not a Harry Potter fan or a Lord of the Rings fan, you probably think those movies are interchangeable. THEY ARE NOT, but some people probably think they’re the same thing. And I can totally see people confusing Daniel Radcliff and Elijah Woods. They’re smallish, men, brown hair, accents (Woods in the movie, at least). They’re heroes in each of their films. They have a thing they have to protect. So sure, I can see this happening. It’s till completely wrong and a major fail (Frodo isn’t even a wizard, he’s a damn hobbit), but still. 

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