Tips For Surviving A Hotel Stay With A Baby

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Next, consider how dirty hotel rooms are. No, I’m not encouraging paranoia, but there are certain surfaces that are just going to be gross no matter what. Wipe down the remote, phone, and any other oft used stuff your baby might end up touching. Consider bringing a play mat or even just a thin fabric shower curtain or table cloth to spread out on the floor so your baby isn’t playing on the gross carpet.

Above all else, try to maintain some semblance of your normal routine. Make naps a priority and keep bedtime around the same hour it usually is, even though getting baby down to sleep might be more difficult. Give your little one extra time to get used to their new sleeping environment and try to mirror whatever routines you have at home. Your hotel might not have all the usual comforts of home, but you can still make it a functional space where the tiniest member of your family will settle in with ease.

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