Woman Wears a Labia Necklace Made From Her Own… Parts

Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know what I need? Jewelry made of my own flesh parts.” Well, if you have (and we know you have), then you’re in luck! A woman in the UK underwent a labiaplasty, and used the removed tissue to make a labia necklace. Tracy Kiss shared a tutorial on her YouTube channel, where she walks viewers through the process of turning her labia into jewelry.

labia necklace
Image: Instagram/@tracykissdotcom

Tracy says she created the labia necklace to empower women and break down the taboo surrounding the procedure.

Kiss underwent the labiaplasty after her protruding labia began to cause her pain and discomfort on a daily basis. Her doctor recommended the procedure after a cyst formed on her genitals. Inexplicably, she was asked if she’d like to keep the excess skin, and naturally, she said yes.

Says Tracy, “I kept my labia following my surgery as a trophy of overcoming the pain it had caused me my entire life.”

She decided to create beauty out of the pain she suffered her entire life. Thus, the labia necklace was born! In the YouTube video, Tracy explains that she waited 8 months for the tissue to turn gray before she could craft the necklace.

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Once the tissue was ready, Tracy covered it in pink paint and glitter (obviously).

labia necklace
Image: YouTube/Tracy Kiss

Then, Tracy placed the sparkly labia in a mold, leaving it to set in resin for 48 hours. The final product is…not as weird as you’d think!

Since the story went viral, she’s gotten lots of comments. And because it’s the internet, they’re not all great. Tracy did a follow-up video to address the “haters” and media. She decided to make the necklace to show women that there was a solution to the problem that many suffer in silence. More power to you, Tracy!

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(Image: YouTube/Tracy Kiss)

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