How To Travel With Children: Shawna Cohen Interview With Liza Fromer And Dave Gerry

Okay, here’s the deal. We moms pretend to be all fabulous and superhero-like at least some of us do but all of us take major shortcuts when it comes to traveling with children or with child-rearing in general. We’ll medicate our kids on the airplane, for instance, or plop them in front of the TV for some much-needed peace and quiet. Judge all you want it’s the truth!

Mommyish Editor-in-Chief Shawna Cohen popped by Global TV’s The Morning Show earlier today to talk about some of these common parenting shortcuts. Here she chatted with hosts Liza Fromer, Dave Gerry, Kris Reyes and Daru Dhillon about how to travel with children and why so many parents feel the need to (secretly) drug their children pre-flight.

One anonymous mom shared her “dirty parenting secret” with a national newspaper; she confessed to giving her 3-year-old son Gravol recently on an international flight so that he’d fall asleep. When that didn’t work, she gave him part of a lorazepam, which ended up making him vomit all over the place. Ahh! Many readers were outraged and called this a form “child abuse.”

Most of our editors have yet to medicate our children like this while traveling, but we do have countless mommy friends who rely on Benadryl Kids and Tempra just to take the edge off ever so slightly. Bottom line? Moms drugging their kids during long trips is way more common than you’d think!

Cohen and The Morning Show crew also discussed the whole TV-as-babysitter phenomenon, with Cohen calling it a “godsend” (sometimes you just need 20 minutes of hands-free time!).

Check out the clip below for some first-hand viewing. And, please, let us know what are your parenting shortcuts?


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