Agreeing On A Baby Name Is More Important Than Winning

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baby namesDeciding what to name your baby is an important decision, the first of many you will make with your partner regarding the future of your child.

Nicholas Soukeras and his wife Kseniya are a New York couple who are expecting their first child this August.They should be overjoyed with the impending birth of their child, but one issue is putting a damper on their excitement- the couple cannot agree on a name if the baby is a boy.

Nicholas has agreed that if the child is a girl, Kseniya can choose the name. But if the baby is a boy, he wants to name the baby Spyridon after his own father and in tribute to his Greek heritage. Kseniya wants to name a boy Michael after her own late father.

The couple told the New York Post that after failing to reach an agreement, Kseniya said she would concede to naming the baby Spyridon if Nicholas could get 100,000 signatures in support of the name, which would be approximately the number of people living in her hometown in Russia. Nicholas started an online petition hoping to entertain friends and family, but didn’t expect the media attention his petition has received since it went up. As of 1:20 pm this afternoon, the petition has only 2,203 signatures.

Neither parent likes the other’s top pick. Nicholas feels like Michael is too common of a name, dislikes Kseniya’s plan to use Mishca as a nickname because it reminds him of “B-list Hollywood actress Mischa Barton,” which is admittedly a fair point.

While the wording of the petition suggests the Soukeras’ have a sense of humor and they really aren’t going to let strangers on the internet name their baby, the couple admitted to the New York Post that the debate is serious, saying: “There are nights we’re bickering about it back and forth and we won’t talk to each other.”

It’s more important to choose a name that you both can agree on and if not love, at least feel some sense of attachment to. I learned I was having two boys while I was pregnant and while there were names I adored, like Sebastian and Christian, my husband wasn’t a fan. Likewise, I vetoed Lucas and Harry when he pushed for them. In the end we chose one name we both loved, and one that we both were could live with. What mattered is that we worked together to come to a decision about our children and it was being able to do that successfully which made us satisfied with our name choices.

My lady bits are urging me to say if a couple truly can’t find a name they both can live with, then tiebreaker rights go to the person who’s carrying the baby because she has to endure the physical difficulties that come along with a pregnancy. But, truthfully co-parenting is a series of compromises and learning to make decisions with another person. Better for the Soukeras’ to use the baby name debate as practice for the many tough issues to come, because the internet isn’t raising this child, you are.

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