Goodwill Employees Use Twitter To Shame Breastfeeding Mom

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You’d think people would get it by now: tweeting about your job is a bad idea. Using your company Twitter to shame breastfeeding moms is an even worse idea, but apparently two Goodwill employees didn’t get the memo. According to KOIN News, Goodwill is under fire after an employee in a McMinnville, Oregon, store posted two tweets to her personal Twitter account shaming a mom for breastfeeding in her checkout line. The tweets read:



Soon after the tweets were posted, people began tweeting at Goodwill to notify them of their employee’s offensive statements and a social media representative for the company responded by doubling down on the anti-breastfeeding stance:


Goodwill has been scrambling to do damage control ever since. Jim Gibbons, President and CEO of Goodwill Industries, issued a personal apology on Friday, along with a statement reaffirming that the company “respects and reinforces” a woman’s right to breastfeed in public.

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