9 Thoughts You’ll Have When Your Friend Gets Pregnant Before You

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pregnant friendWhen you’ve experienced major life events like graduation, getting engaged and getting married at or around the same time as your BFF, it can be easy to assume that your lives will continue to follow the same trajectory. But when you’re both trying to conceive and she’s the first to send a text with a picture of a positive pee stick (hey, you’re close), it can be hard to sort out your feelings. Here are nine thoughts you’ll have when your friend gets pregnant before you.

1. I’m so happy for her.

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Your first reaction is excitement. You’re thrilled that your friend is happy and you can’t wait to watch her become a parent. There’s a high likelihood you’ll cry, but they are joyful tears.

2. How did she do it?



You both agreed the whole “legs in the air after sex” thing didn’t work for you. Did she use a menstrual cup after sex? When she bailed on watching The Bachelor last week did she go see that acupuncturist? You want to know her secret.

3. I need to start planning her shower.

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You want to make sure her baby shower is just as amazing as the wedding shower she planned for you and you’ll do anything to make it that way. Even if this means being firm about not having any games, no matter what her mom says, because your friend hates to be the center of attention.

4. This puts even more pressure on me.

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You’ve talked about wanting your kids to grow up together. Even though you know you really can’t control these things you’ve had conversations with your friend about your kids being best friends or maybe even getting married one day. So now you irrationally believe that if you don’t get pregnant right away, you won’t be friends anymore. Also a high likelihood of crying here, but these are tears of frustration.

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