Here’s Your Rage Story Of The Day! High School Compares Girls To Prostitutes, Bans Tight Pants

boy flirting with girl in classThe administrators of one North Dakota high school have taken it upon themselves to protect teenage boys from the dirty sex power held by teenage girls. Yes, those unrepentant sluts at Devil’s Lake High School are no longer allowed to wear leggings, jeggings, or tight jeans. So rest easy, parents. Your boys are safe from having any kind of distracting sexual thoughts at school. You’re welcome.

In an article on Valley News Live, the assistant principal said, “…this new policy is not meant to objectify girls, but stop boys from focusing on something other than class work.” To underscore this point, the school held an all-girl assembly to announce the new policy, and showed the female students to clips from the film Pretty Woman to show them what they look like when they wear those types of clothes.

You know, like hookers. Non-objectified hookers.

Students and parents are objecting to the new dress code, saying that they feel the boys should be able to control themselves and girls should be allowed to wear whatever they want to school. Said parent Candace Olsen:

…when they’re so young and vulnerable and you’re still learning who you are, I think that they should be able to wear what they’re comfortable in as long as it’s reasonable.

Olsen obviously has no idea what she’s talking about. Boys cannot be expected to control themselves in school when there are girls walking around wearing pants. That is why so many boys flunk out of school every year — because of girls. And their pants.

And the idea that what a teenage girl wears should be between her and her parents is absurd. What do parents know about what is appropriate for their own child? And since when do girls get to have opinions about clothing? Thank goodness for Devil’s Lake high school, finally taking a stand and holding these young women responsible for the academic performance of high school boys. I bet grades will soar now that boys have no reason to look at girl’s behinds anymore.

Way to go, Devil’s Lake. Our nation’s young men salute you with their completely uninterested penises.

(Photo: Antonio Diaz / Shutterstock)

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