Mommyish’s Definitive Guide To The Best Infant Halloween Costumes

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In last week’s Open Thread, we asked readers to report their favorite baby Halloween costumes, and we’ve rounded up the results to present to you the Official Mommyish List of the best and most toe-clenchingly adorable Halloween costumes for babies out there. The only downside of this list is that Amazon baby models, while still admittedly cute, are only 37% as cute as the spawn of real, live Mommyish readers, so you should go peruse the comments of the Open Thread ASAP. Yeah, you might have work you want to accomplish today, but is it really as important as looking at cute pictures of babies?

So if you’re still trying to figure out how to suitably suit up your baby for trick-or-treating fun, or if you just want to coo over some costume-clad cuties, settle in. We’ve got some squealing to do.

1. Cute Invertebrate Animal

I am a helpless sucker (ha) for cephalopods, so there’s no way this suggestion from reader Ana wasn’t going to make the list. Eight arms = extra huggable. Other ideas for the invertebrate-loving parents out there include baby butterflies, baby spiders, and baby lobsters in little baby stock-pots.

2. Cute Swashbuckler

Long before your baby can actually convincingly yell, “YARRR!”, he or she can make your heart walk the plank in this pirate get-up suggested by LadyClodia the Modest Rat. If you’re not sure your baby can carry off that “Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum” swagger, try for Inigo Montoya or Errol Flynn as Robin Hood.

3. Cute “Harmless Thing From Your Childhood That Could Never Possibly Destroy You” Costume

stay puft marshmallow costume baby


From M., this costume converts adorable baby rolls into a classic Ghostbusters monster. It is literally impossible to go wrong with a Ghostbusters costume at Halloween, unless maybe you actually paint a one-year-old green to go as Slimer. Just don’t cross the streams (of candy that are going to be pouring into Baby’s trick-or-treating basket) if you choose this costume.

4. Cute Invitation To Sob Over A Beloved Childhood Movie

Mimi suggests dressing up your little one as Bambi, which is adorable. However, it does require an additional safety tip: if you’re going to accompany your child trick-or-treating, please wear orange. And be aware of hunters in the area. If you’re interested in yanking on those Disney heartstrings, you can also dress the baby up as little Dumbo, or stick your twins in matching Fox and Hound costumes. Just don’t be surprised if people accidentally put Kleenex instead of candy into your kid’s basket.

5. Cute Nocturnal Predator

A little bird told me that Hibbie has some pretty good ideas about cute baby costumes. I’m also on board for baby cats, baby foxes, and baby wolves (I think it’s the fuzzy ears).

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