School Sex Ed Will Never Get Better Because Of Prude Parents Like These

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shutterstock_136789145Every time the topic of sex ed comes up here at Mommyish, many parents and especially teachers agree that current sex education standards are pathetic indeed. On almost any article on this topic, anonymous parents on the Internet are quick to talk about the need for reform—that is, until they’re forced to put their money where their mouth is. School sex education reform seems hopeless, if we take any cues from these East Bay parents protesting an accurate health textbook with information on masturbation and orgasms.

For shame! The Your Health Today textbook covers chapters on fitness, nutrition, stress, body image, drugs and alcohol, and sex. But of course, parents are stuck on the “naughty sex” portion of the book and fail to see how it could help to fully educate their ninth graders:

“I feel that it’s not age appropriate for these kids,” said mother Asfia Ahmed, who is among the parents leading the charge. “I have read the book from first page to last, and most pages talk about college kids. It doesn’t relate to these kids at all.”

“Yes, it talks about masturbation,” said school board President Lara Calvert-York, who adds that such topics are part of state standards. “We really want them to have a safe place to get facts about their bodies and how to handle things and how they need to be mature to deal with these things.”

Parents, however, said the high school book is too explicit, with labeled drawings of sexual anatomy as well as a page devoted to the “human sexual response model,” with diagrams of the male and female sexual organs in various stages of arousal, including “excitement,” “plateau,” “orgasm” and “resolution.”

At least someone in the bunch, a.k.a. the school board President, has their head pulled out of their ass. I said before that I was raised in a very religious home, and sex and masturbation were rarely talked about. When they were, they were painted in an unfavorable and shameful light. Everything I learned about sex I learned from talking to friends at school and later the Internet. I guess I turned out as an okay, sexually-functional adult with two children, but I desperately wish I had access to a health class like this.

Fremont Unified School District health teachers unanimously voted on the forward-thinking textbook for ninth graders, which also covers sexual positions and modern health information like e-cigarettes, gay marriage, and online safety. Wouldn’t you think that these hard-working teachers would be rewarded for their efforts?

NOPE. Angry parents have signed a petition, likening the textbook to pornography. These archaic parents would rather their kids use a 10-year-old health book with outdated information than ever hear the word “orgasm” in class.

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